Band of Survivors Small Groups | John 1:1-18

MONDAY, JUNE 26 | JOHN 1:1-18


Having a common understanding is extremely important in order to move forward in any relationship. Whenever you walk into a store, it is common understanding that no one is there to purposefully run into your ankles with their cart. While playing a board game, everyone agrees to follow the rules. When it comes to Jesus, it is essential to have a common understanding of who He is. In John chapter 1, there is no time wasted in making sure that everyone knows exactly who Jesus is, what His purpose is, and how we fit into His plans.


Read John 1:1-5

The first couple of verses begin to explain the origins of who God is. In fact, the origin of God starts very similar to another passage in the Bible. Turn to Genesis 1:1 and see if you notice what words John may have borrowed to start off.

God has always been. There is no beginning to God because He was already in existence.

From this point, we establish three important aspects of who God is and what he has done. Verse 3 says all things were made through God. Verse 4 says that God was life. Verse 5 says that the light, God’s light, shines in the darkness. Because of God’s light, the darkness has not overcome it. Why do you think John is laying all this out for the readers of John at the beginning of the book of John?

Read John 1:6-18

The Jewish people had been anticipating a Savior from God. However, in order to bring attention that the Savior was coming, God sent John to sound the alarm and focus their attention on Christ’s coming in human flesh. John was sent by God as the ultimate “hype-man”. He came to broadcast and witness for Christ before His coming. But, it wasn’t that easy.

Have you ever visited an old school or classroom you used to be a student in? Does it feel exactly the same or do you look at everything with a completely new perspective? When Christ came to Earth, “the world did not recognize him” (v. 10). Humankind had fallen so far from God, that they did not even recognize the God who created them. Yet, for anyone willing to receive Him, and believed in His name, He gave them the greatest privilege of all: becoming a child of God.

Nothing you do can earn you the title of becoming a child of God. It is only by repentance of sins and a receiving of Christ can you be given the privilege of becoming God’s child.


Throughout this first section of chapter 1, we are introduced to the most important person that is the basis of the Bible: Jesus. Are you ready for what God has for you this summer? Are you entering Band of Survivors with the focus on what God can do in your life? Is Jesus, the savior that all of Israel was anticipating, truly the King in your heart? Take time today to just spend a moment or two and breathe. Take some deep breaths and think. What can you do to anticipate and be ready to receive the blessings that Jesus has planned for you both today and for all of BOS? This is going to be a roller coaster of a summer, but are you ready to let go and let God direct? What are some things that you are anticipating for Jesus to do this summer in your life?