Regeneration 2020


Regeneration is the Central Territory’s young adult retreat for ages 18-29 at Camp Wonderland. The dates for this year are February 14-16, 2020.

This year’s theme is “Revival” with guest speakers Carole Voisey and Michael Collins.  Music worship is lead by Osby Berry as well as prayer ministry lead by ConnectUp.

Check out the website here.

Regeneration is a really special time of connection, fellowship, and worship.  PLEASE join us this year as we are all eager for revival.

Cost is only $50! The Metro Division is excited to offer 30 FULL scholarships for first time attendees and 20 HALF scholarships for return attendees!

Scholarship Form found Here

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This year the Central Territory is also looking for people to join our Regeneration 2020 Hype Team! Hype team members agree to getting the word out by sharing Regeneration posts on their personal social media.
In turn of their participation, members will receive:
~A Regeneration Meal Fast Pass! No more waiting and wondering what the next meal will be, you will cut the line every time!
~Free Special guest merch!
~An exclusive Regen 2020 swag bag!
If you sign up and REGISTER for Regeneration and sign up to be a part of the Hype Team by Monday, November 25th, you will be added to a top secret, private, can’t access except through signing up group to receive your weekly instructions.
Join today and help spread the word about Regeneration!