2020 Faith in Action Scholarship

The 2020 Faith in Action Scholarship:
The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division believes in investing in its young people and preparing them to be leaders in their corps, communities, and families. Normally, we are only able to offer one round of scholarships for the academic year, however we recognize that many are facing unforeseen difficulty due to the events of 2020. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a special academic scholarship of $1500 to 20 individuals who have shown creative leadership and fortitude of faith during COVID-19. The year 2020 has pressed us all to experience life differently, and we are excited to award those who have shown resiliency and engagement in their faith, maintained participation in their faith communities, and who have consistently remained engaged with the urgent issues our world is facing.

Scholarships Available:
Any individual who meets the below eligibility requirements may apply and be awarded the Faith in Action Scholarship. Individuals who have already received scholarships in 2020, such as the Leadership Scholarship or Medical Scholarship may apply and be considered eligible for the Faith in Action Scholarship.
Application Details:

1. Applications are completed on Submittable by December 14, 2020
2. The Metropolitan Scholarship Committee reviews all applications & recommends the awards.
3. The Divisional Finance Board approves all scholarship applications & authorizes funding.
4. Scholarship funds are paid to each recipient in January 2021.
5. Applications will not be accepted after December 14, 2020

Applicants must-
 Be a Soldier or Adherent of The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division.
 Be currently enrolled for programs occurring at the January 2021 term in an undergraduate/graduate program at an accredited college/university, or licensed/accredited higher education program.
 Aged 18-29

Essay Questions (250-500 words each)-
1. How are you planning to use your educational experience in the service and support of The Salvation Army?
2. How are you engaging in your faith development and serving your community in the last 6 months? Things to consider in your answer:
• Are you attending online worship and/or bible study?
• How are you engaging justice and faith issues?
• How are you growing as an individual and in your faith?
3. How have you connected with The Salvation Army during the last 6 months?

Please include one reference from an individual who can speak to your faith development and engagement with Salvation Army mission. This could be a mentor, faith leader, or teacher. This individual may not be a peer or a family member. A reference must be able to speak to and answer how they have seen the applicant engage their faith on a personal level and within their faith community. They must also be able to identify your involvement in The Salvation Army.

Proof of Enrollment:
Please attach your proof of enrollment in a licensed/accredited higher educational program, such as an acceptance letter, or course schedule. Such programs might include, but are not limited to universities, community colleges, or trade schools.