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2016 Young Adult Retreat Podcasts, Photos, and Evaluation!


It’s hard to believe, but the 2016 Young Adult Retreat has been in the books for over a week now!  God was incredibly faithful, and we hope you who attended experienced the Lord in a powerful way, and experienced genuine community as well.  By way recapping this awesome weekend, we have a few things to share with you…


The 2017 Young Adult Retreat is scheduled for October 27-28 at Wonderland Camp and Conference Center.  We hope to see you there!


Major Rob Birks dissected what it means to be a genuine Christ follower as he taught us about surrender, generosity, and mission. If you want to listen back to those teachings, or weren’t fortunate to be there in person, you can listen to podcasts of those teachings here on our website, or via the iTunes podcast app (just look for the Metro Youth Network podcast).

Session 1 – Major Rob Birks – Surrender

Session 2 – Major Rob Birks – Generosity

Session 3 – Major Rob Birks – Mission


If you’re interested in seeing photos from the weekend, check out the slideshow below, or head to our Flickr account.


We need to know how you thought the retreat went, and what you would do to make it even better.  Who are you dying to hear speak?  Who would you love to lead us in worship?  What would you do to get more people to sign up?  Please, take 10 minutes to answer 6 questions and let us know what you think by clicking here.


Regeneration 2017 – the young adult conference for the Salvation Army’s Central Territory – is going to be awesome. The theme is Reconciliation, and the guests are Dr. Cornell West, Pastor Steve Carter, Captain Lisa Barnes, and worship will be led by Christian Lewis. You won’t want to miss what will happen from February 17-19 at #SARegen17.

2013 Young Adult Retreat Shirt

Have you signed up for the 2013 Young Adult Retreat? Well, it’s NOT too late to do so. Registration is due on NEXT WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9. Talk to your young adult coordinator(s), youth pastor or Corps Officer to register. It’s that easy. Everyone who comes to the retreat will be getting a sick t-shirt. What t-shirt, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

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An Abolitionist is an advocate for the complete abolition of slavery. With it’s mission to help those in need and spead a message that “sets captives free,” The Salvation Army has been an advocate against all forms of slavery since it’s inception in 1865.

Artist M. Brady Clark has designed a beautiful shirt to help raise funding and awareness for The Salvation Army’s fight against Human Trafficking. The Salvation Army’s anti-trafficking efforts focus on: legislative and policy initiatives, awareness raising and training, prevention efforts, as well as the development and provision of trafficking survivor services.

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