The next Prayer and Praise Night is this Friday, October 21st starting at 7pm at the Norridge Corps. Get Directions to Norridge Corps Here. It will be a night of fellowship, prayer, praise and teaching for the youth and young adults of the Division. Invite your friends and encourage Metro Youth to come (via phone, email, xanga, etc.). These nights are a great opportunity for us to worship and pray in a diverse community of our peers.

Here’s what you should bring:
-Your Bibles; there will be a “sword drill”.
-A testimony about what the Lord is doing in your life and at your Corps.
-$1 or $2 to pay for the snack.
-Shoes and socks; There is a chance we may play dodgeball after the meeting.

If there is something happening at your Corps on Friday, we’ll see you at the next Prayer and Praise Night.

Hope you are well.