I’ve got some exciting news about an upcoming project that was just approved by THQ!

The Red Book Sessions project was conceived when I visited The War College in Vancouver and heard “Storm the Forts of Darkness” sung by 25 young adults from memory. In that moment I learned how relevant these Red Book songs are to contemporary worship today. Young adults in the Central Territory have also been turned on to the truths found in old Army worship. This year at CBLI songs like “Storm the Forts of Darkness” and “Never Mind, Go On!” held the youth captive and excited an interest in Army worship. And the messages of these songs are leading worshippers to action!

The Lord has already blessed this project. There is an incredible interest amongst those who have heard updated versions of these old songs, capable Salvationist musicians including: Jon Bukiewicz, Nate Irvine, Keri Shay and Nate Hood have been assembled to be a part of this project. Big Gold Studios—a recording studio in Chicago—has cleared studio time (February 3-10) for us and has given us an incredible discount to use their studio. Phil Laeger and Bernie Dake, Salvationist musicians from the Southern Territory, who have done similar recording projects (such as the latest TransMission album), have agreed to work on this project with us.

Here’s a list of the Army songs we hope to record:
#322 I am Saved, I am Saved (new melody)
#693 Soldier, Rouse Thee! (new melody)
#696 Storm the Forts of Darkness (original melody)
#701 The Son of God Goes Forth to War (new melody)
#703 To the War! To the War! (new melody)
#724 No More! No More! (original melody)
#805 Never Mind, Go On! (new melody)
#815 March On! March On! (original melody)
#819 With the Conquering Son of God (original melody)
Chorus #220 Singing We Go (new melody)
As well as some original material:
That You Love Me (Hallelujah Chorus #143)
You Are the Lord

Recording begins in February and we hope to have a finished CD in early March. Keep us in prayer as this project progresses!