On April 20th, youth from the Metropolitan Division responded to a challenge to raise money to help end global poverty through the “Change In, Change Out” campaign. Youth were given a 64 ounce milk jug and were asked to fill it up with change over the course of a year. The goal of this project is to teach youth that the acts of tithing and service are acts of worship.

The money that is collected will be contributed to The Salvation Army World Services fund which provides such resources as HIV/AIDS clinics in Africa, homeless feeding services in Russia, micro-enterprise development in the Philippines, and homes for orphaned and abandoned children in Mexico.

If you would like to be a part of the “Change In, Change Out” campaign please start collecting change and email Eric Himes for more information. Change In, Change Out Jugs will be distributed at upcoming Prayer & Praise Nights and will be collected next year at the April 18th, 2008 Prayer & Praise Night.

Think inside the jug.